Some figures on the research output of the University of Naples Federico II

With over 800 years of history, 4000 active researchers (including 400 research assistants and 1400 PhD students) the University of Naples Federico II has a high impact scientific production within the context of national and international research. In the last three years (2011-2013) over 28,000 research products have been authored or co-authored by members of the University often in cooperation with other private and public research institutions in Italy and abroad.

Staff Federico II

Staff Federico II

The research activities put the University at the forefront of all areas of Knowledge: from Theoretical and Applied Science to Life Sciences, from Humanities to Enginering, from Architecture to Law: all 26 departments of the University have a significant research output with a remarkable degree of continuity in time.

Research output (SUA-RD 2011-2013)

Research output

From a quantitative viewpoint, despite an overall reduction in staff members, the research output has steadily increased over the past three years, from about 8700 research products in 2011 to over 9500 in 2013.

The increase is particularly significant for publications on national and international journals that went from 4500 in 2011 to over 5500 in 2013 with a percentage increase greater than 20% in 3 years. Data also show that approximately 24% of all journal publications are co-authored by international collaborators.

Further evidence of the international nature of the research carried out in the University is the fact that in 2011-2013 15% of the academic staff spent visiting period of at least a month in foreign institutions.

The University is also active in activities for technological transfer to industry with over 77 patents being granted and its participation to 47 consortia with the private sector and spin off activities.