IMPAIRED STUDENTS: students with motor, sight, hearing and other chronic disease-related impairments can benefit from teaching aids, technical equipment and psychological counselling.

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ONLINE LIBRARY: over 5,000 journals are accessible in full text mode, and databases are accessible to retrieve the lists of the books available in each library of the University.



WEB PROFESSOR: students can talk to professors online and use the teaching material available on the web.



INTERNATIONAL HOUSE: four internet terminals  for hosting and orienting Italian and foreign Erasmus students.

Info: tel. +39(0)812537418 -


CENTRE FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENT PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING (C.c.P.S.U.): Department of Relational Sciences — Via Porta di Massa,1 – Building B – 2nd floor – Side A - Naples+39(0)81-5517480
Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis Unit- Department of Neuroscience and Behavioural Science-  Ground floor of the Anatomy Institutes – Building 20, Via Pansini,5 80131 Napoli Tel +39(0)81/7463458