The A.Di.S.U. Federico II releases to foreign students a rechargeable "smart card" with a fix amount of money decided by the student to access some  restaurants whose list, will be provided by ADISU.
Students can obtain the rechargeable "smart card" at the following offices:

  • BRAU – Biblioteca di Ricerca di Area Umanistica piazza Bellini, 59/60– Complesso di S. Antoniello a Port'Alba Napoli;
  • Residenza Universitaria "A. Paolella", via Tansillo 28 – Napoli;
  • Residenza Universitaria "G. Medici", via Università 133, - Gussone – Portici;
  • Residenza Universitaria "De Amicis" – Via Tommaso De Amicis, 111 - Napoli;
  • Aula Polifunzionale  Piazzale Tecchio, 80 - Napoli.

For further information consult: 

Before going to the Adisu Offices for the smart card you have to take your Codice Fiscale (Fiscal Code) issued by the Agenzia delle Entrate (Tax Office).